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Top 10 Beauty Looks to Dominate this Fall Season

Autumn is here, beauty lovers! Time to bring out the soft sweaters, the cute fall boots and most importantly - this season’s fashion color report. According to Pantone’s Fall 2016 Color Report, a mix of cool blues, jewel and earth tones are making an appearance this season. A woman’s outfit isn’t complete without the right shade of makeup!1. Elegant and CoolKeep calm and look elegant with Caribbean, Denim and Snow ShadowSense. This trifecta eye color palette will give you a sophisticated and polished complexion. 2. Light and HappyHighlight your eyes with the right base eyeshadow. The Light Sapphire and Snow ShadowSense...

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Hello World!

I'm so excited to be selling this amazing product to you lovely ladies! I can't wait for you all to try it out and become just as hooked as I am! Who is ready for some smudge-proof, water-proof & kiss-proof lips?! 🙋🏼💋

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